RockinHorse Show/Paddock Boots

Our extremely popular and versatile RockinHorse Boots are made in our Cambridge workshop. These wool lined boots with a vinyl outer have a double velcro closure and are suitable for paddock, show, travel or whenever you need some extra leg protection.

We have a large range of vinyl available to match your stable or individual colours. If your preferred colour is not available please contact us and we can see what we can arrange.

All boots are custom made once your order is places so there will be a short delay. If you can’t wait to have a set of RockinHorse Boots please get in contact as we have a ready-to-wear range in stock at Summit Grains and Saddlery.


  • Mini: Pair $130 / Set $240
  • Small Pony: Pair $130 / Set $240
  • Pony: Pair $130 / Set $240
  • Cob: Pair $150 / Set $260
  • Hack: Pair $150 / Set $260
  • Full: Pair $150 / Set $260


  • Mini: under 10hh
  • Small Pony: 10hh – 12hh
  • Pony: 12.2hh – 13.2hh
  • Cob: 14hh – 15hh
  • Hack: 15hh – 16hh
  • Full: 16hh +

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