How To Order

STEP 1: Wrangle your hound

Once wrangled measure the neck where the collar will sit.

Measure your dog

STEP 2: Select your style

Choose from a double coloured collar or a single coloured padded collar. If you have anything smaller than a Jack Russell we recommend you choose a single coloured padded collar so the hardware is not too big for them.

Double coloured collar with name plate.

Single coloured collar with name plate.

Single coloured collar with rolled padding and name plate.

STEP 3: Choose your colour/s

If your having trouble choosing a colour combo scroll down to our Hall of Fame section or click over to our Colour Combo page to see some examples.

STEP 4: Add a name plate

Brass name plates are 5×1.2cm in size and they can fit 2 lines of rotary engraving on them, this is enough for your dogs name at the top and your phone number underneath. Alternatively you can just engrave you dogs name if you do not need ID.

Teal with silver trim and navy with silver trim